Nathan Harrison, is a creative 20-year-old singer/songwriter from the UK, who has been very active on the live music scene from his early teens, playing either acoustic solo or lead voice/guitar in his neofolk band “B Yellow”. Having been captivated by the energy of performing live, he has travelled widely across the UK playing a range of venues from larger concert halls and festivals, to smaller intimate clubs and pubs.

Whilst I enjoy the creative process of making music, nothing beats the thrill of playing live music  – Nathan

Nathan's love for music is inspired by a variety of musicians and genres – and his song writing is heavily influenced by the sounds of Ben Howard, Passenger, Bear's Den, Bastille and the Levellers. He has created his own unique vibe to contemporary folk music with expressive vocals, and a wide ranging sound from chilled ambient-pop to reverberating folk-rock, all with a rhythmic undercurrent that quickly hooks in listeners.

With the right combination of hard work and passion, Nathan continues to expand and perfect his growing song writing portfolio and music credits. Music with B Yellow has been recorded and released across three EPs, and Nathan just completed a solo project with the recording and production of an EP called "Open Hearts and Fickle Minds".

My aspirations are to establish a career in music, be the best musician that I can be, and go on a journey to wherever music will take me  – Nathan

From Oct 17, Nathan will be attending BIMM London studying for BA (Hons) Degree in Songwriting.

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